Scavenger Hunt

Begin The Quest!

As you enter into the magical Palace and are seated at your table, we encourage you to explore our magical guest dining halls themed after four iconic wizardry sets. 

***For an extra added experience, scroll down to the bottom of this page to partake in a seek and find filled with enchantments and history. 

Castle Grounds Dining Hall

Inspired by magical forests and wintery castle gardens, this dining hall is filled with botanical elements with added hidden fantasy creatures.  

Help Your House Earn Extra Points...

  • How many house crests can you find?
  • Who can make the best owl face?
  • How many faces do you see?


Is something brewing in the potions room? This dungeon themed dining hall is enchanted to help our Professor concoct potions that take hours, days, and even years to perfect! 

Help Your House Earn Extra Points...

  • Can you find the fuzzy spider?
  • How many skulls can you find?
  • How many cauldrons can you find?

2nd Floor Corridor

Take a picture with our neighboring school house trees and get the Bard in the painting to sing!

Help Your House Earn Extra Points...

  • How many magical creatures can you find hidden in the walls architecture?
  • Take a picture with all four house trees from our sister school across the pond.
  • Can you get the Bard in the window to wave at you?    


Enter into the rustic bar where our best Alchemists work all year to bring you the best bubbling brews magic can make.

The problem is, not only do they make the best brews they tend to overly enjoy tasting them as well...but on the plus side, we stopped them before they could drink the best we have to offer! 

Help Your House Earn Extra Points

  • Try a Butter Cauldron Beer from the bar
  • Take a picture in front of the smoking fireplace


At Alabaster School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, hundreds of our old headmasters are keeping a watchful eye on the students below.

Help Your House Earn Extra Points...

  • How many headmaster faces can you count on the ceiling?
  • Can you find the two faces that don't match?
  • Get your wands out and take your best photo with the bubbling cauldrons.


Shop in the much warmer winter alley market for all your favorite wizardry needs. And don't forget to check out our Craftsman Shops for handmade one-of-a-kind collectible items.

  • Take a picture in front of each magical storefront.
  • Take a picture with your favorite plush creature.
  • How many creatures and characters can you name?

    Guardian Of The Riverbend Tower

    Can you guess the password that will allow you to go in?

    While most house guardians are social and upbeat, this awkward fellow most commonly aggravates his house by being hard of hearing and having poor eye-sight. Our Alabaster staff is currently looking for a new house guardian but has not yet found a suitable replacement. 

    Until then, we urge house students to wave about wildly and jump up and down to gain his attention. 


    Protector of the Palace

    A fun historic fact about this gentleman is that before he came to work on our staff, our amazing building was called the Kentucky Castle.

    However, while playing host to our neighboring castle dwellers, his enthusiasm for protecting our guests resulted in an unfortunate bloodbath which led to us gifting the title and and becoming the Louisville Palace. 

    Since then his mouth, arms, and legs have been removed to avoid any future conflict. 


    Students & Parents In Detention

    Where's the best place for someone to serve detention? Where Professor Alma can keep an eye on them at all times of course!

    So a word of caution to all witches and wizards big and small... Professor Alma does not take kindly to guests in the "Scrooge" spirit during the holidays. This unfortunate parent is still with us from last year's event! 


    Protector Of The Palace

    A former Dueling Professor, Angela Delosey died protecting her students during the battle of 1877 from an attack led by dark wizards and witches. 

    Un-willing to leave the battle until it was complete, her spirit chose to rejoin the fight and furthermore, our school, as it's permanent guardian angel. 


    Palace Enchantment

    Have you been awarded as a leading student of our school? If not, then you will not be permitted access to the garden's hot springs, underground grottos, and natural waterfall baths. 

    Some students and especially parents have chosen not to come back out after they've gone in!


    Palace Enchantment

    Located in hundreds of secret rooms inside the Palace... teachers, headmasters, and even students can call upon the wisdom of previous school leaders for advise and knowledge.

    While majority of they time, they sleep in peace, Headmaster Grogos is one of the students favorite Headmasters to communicate with. Known for his humorous disposition and practical jokes, teachers have found it easier to separate him from students. 


    Past Student & Historic Wizardry Scholar

    "Alexander the Alchemist" was best known for creating the "Liquid Luck" potion. Ironically, minutes after creating the final product, Alexander did not get a chance to test it before stumbling over his favorite cat and landing face first into a deadly vat of toxin. 

    If only he had tasted a drop, he may still be alive and thriving today. 


    Palace Enchantment

    The ultimate watcher of the castle, this magical crest changes when it senses danger. Instantly projecting the threat onto the ceiling for all who need warning to view. 

    The crest also signifies the end of year house winners and all castle festivities.